Monday, December 20, 2010

Nozomi Sasaki world no 33 most beautiful face

Nozomi Sasaki

Movie news website TC Candler has released its list of the world’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2010, in which Japanese actress Nozomi Sasaki, 22, was ranked No. 33.

TC Candler has been publishing an annual independent critics list of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces in various media formats, every year since 1990, In recent years, the site has attracted millions of unique visitors from around the world. While the English language page does have a natural bent toward Hollywood celebrities, the list often contains surprise nominations.

This year, actress Camilla Belle who appeared in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” while still a child, and more recently starred in “10,000 BC,” was #1. TC Candler said, “Camilla Belle achieves virtual perfection at the age of 24. Without question, she will be at or near the top of this elite list for many years to come.”

The “Harry Potter” series’ Emma Watson came in second place, Kiera Knightley was voted in at 13, while Natalie Portman came in at No. 14.