Monday, December 27, 2010

Malayalam Serial Actress Sajitha Betti Scandal

Hot looking involved in a scandal Malayalam drama serial actress Sajitha Betti started her career as a singer in the local music band and so she became known for being the wife of a famous Malayalam film director. The full responsibility of course work followed much Glamour.

It was then that Sajitha Betti scandal began to stamp them thoroughly, and became a frequent visitor to the yellow pressure in the South India. Now provides another tone.

Now Sajitha Betti in the role of business woman in Drama Serials who travels from one country to the lagoon and meetings create collections and provide a good way. Yesterday, she was just on a trip to Dubai when it reached a picture of her. Of course, she wore a dress from her own fashion line and was excellent in every way.
Normal skin has taken over from with long brown hair has to leakier short hair and dresses Women's properties have a substitute for a glimmer tight jeans and little tops material.