Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rani Mukherjee Kiss Vidya Balan

The biggest hit scandal in India is the Rani Vidya kiss. The top of his blonde Rani Mukherjee dismissed late 8 years, for example, when touring with Vidya Balan, she recalls with a dose of realism.” Sometimes he was more interested in my body than my music," Vidya Balan said in an interview as if to destroy the myth of the sex appeal of the time: "Even then I thought that fashion is pretty ridiculous, again, started wearing those awful jeans, worn as ten or fifteen years before.

In the early years, paused to pay childcare, early days of the new millennium, but returned to music world and remains there today.

But cut out the surprise trip to somewhere completely different from hot Bollywood symbol to become a professional gardener’s. Rani Mukherjee own TV show, where she taught all of India, as you enjoy kissing, and he popularized the campaign Seeds of Change - Dig Your Dinner, whose face had become.” Our goal was to get people to return to nature, to learn to grow their own vegetables and animals behave in their own home. I thought it was natural because I grew up like that, my parents grew their own vegetables."