Friday, December 17, 2010

Is John Travolta a Gay?

hot and sexy john travolta, hot john travolta wallpapers and photosKevin Spacey has now re-entered the gay-rumor game after a few years of folks pretty much leaving him alone about it (or just not caring). But John Travolta has never enjoyed such a respite—despite a long-running marriage to actress Kelly Preston. Whether it's the tabloids publishing pics of him kissing a dude on a plane or recent rumors of Travolta enjoying sex in public saunas, he's pretty much been the target of various media outlets and detractors honing in his sexual peccadilloes.

Spacey, when asked point blank by the Daily Beast if he was gay, evaded the question. His right. But what about Carrie Fisher not even asking John if she could blab to The Advocate that John is—according to Fisher—gay?

What the hell does Travolta have to say about that?

Nada. Travolta's rep absolutely will not discuss John's private life. He says there will be no comment coming from Camp Travolta regarding Fisher's statements. Nor will there be a lawsuit. But privately, we hear Travolta is pissed.

Gosh, wonder why?

Let's get clear about two things: We don't believe in outing, and when you become a public figure, tough bisexual beans if people poke around your private life. As a result, these two A.T. edicts create a rather problematic environment, at times.

If some dude (or gal) is getting their skank on in public, it sort of brings up the question of public reporting, right? So, when Kevin Spacey says he "got mugged" at 4 a.m. in a London park, but then later changed his mind about the explanation, it becomes public consumption as to what the hell Spacey was doing in that park in the middle of the night in the first place.

Maybe he's just like "good Samaritan" Eddie Murphy and was looking for somebody to help out in those horny, wee hours of the night?

Either way, these guys should perhaps be more discreet about the personal deets they want to keep under wraps—or not get all hissy when the media questions their allegedly homolicious escapades. T-town may be a tough crowd, but Kev and John know what they're dealing with by now.