Friday, December 17, 2010

Girl Bhavana Dewi From India

Bhavana Dewi and Kanjana decided on art as their major because of encouragement they received in high school. They loved to draw pencil sketches and make colour paintings. At heart they were artists. So in University level education they decided to study both art and administration and now their dreams have come true, they are working as art gallery managers in Mumbai. They have their own collection of art work of some of the most famous artists of India and world.

Bhavana Dewi (left) and Kanjana (right) are Art Exhibition Managers in a Mumbai art gallery. All day long they meet interesting people and work with talented artists. But their hearts want someone real cool, real classy for them. These girls are looking for their soul mates. Can you be?

In actual life they are very good friends, they are roommates, they are collagues. After their love for art, they love their country and culture.