Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salman Khan Posing Hot

Even if you were among the least enthusiastic fan of the insane hysterical movie Dabbang, you should find this funny. If Salman Khan has ever wanted to be more than one hot shot, he should stop at all the pictures look as if someone had just shoved up your ass cucumber.  

The girls are crazy it is possible, but perhaps there is a guy in the world, what would it be a role model? No. And that is on the cover of Vanity Fair lets take a picture like that about other fans not get it. The original intention was apparently to make tough Robert what he flips through the crocodile's head as if nothing..

But when you see his hands, expression and attitude, who would believe that he, can lift it at all. Salman Khan Posing with him as if he had draped around his neck scarves latest model from Vuitton. So instead, to convince us, Salman Khan, that's tough guy, cause that will from now on all gay wearing alligator clips, because it's in, Goodness.