Friday, March 4, 2011

'Yeh Faasley' Review

'Yeh Faasley' Review: What could have been an intriguing tale of a daughter inquiring into the mysterious death of her long dead mother turns out to be unqualified hodgepodge of forced sentimentality and lacklustre suspense because the writer-director embarks upon what has become the mantra of a lot of teams playing the present cricket world cup: self destruction.

Father-daughter stories are few and far between in Hindi film industry and Yeh Faasley did have the potential to be a fine thriller with emotional complexities between a daughter and a father who’s not what he appears to be.

Arunima (Tena Desae) returns to her father Dev’s (Anupam Kher) home after completing her studies. Her mother died when Arunima was a kid and therefore she hardly has any memories of her and totally relies on the account of her mom given by her father.

But then, slowly and slowly, skeletons begin to tumble out of the closet as Arunima chances upon a will written by her mother and also meets an old friend (Pawan Malhotra) of her mom, leading her to believe that her father could have a hand in her mom’s death.

A nice premise certainly, but how one wishes that director Yogesh Mittal hadn’t botched it up. The film begins promisingly, but then stretches on painfully as it slips into flashbacks. Even the courtroom scenes fail to enliven the proceedings.

Anupam Kher pitches in a sincere performance but is let down by a poorly written character. Tena Desae shows a few flashes of good acting but hams it up when she has to look hysterical. Pawan Malhotra and Seema Biswas hardly have a role to write about.

Final word: keep distance from Yeh Faasley.