Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Marathi Actress Sonali Kulkarni

Marathi Actress Sonali Kulkarni appeared in bikini only a few times. That's bizarre, however, is with us on the web Sun Sonali Kulkarni is our favorite model.

 Oftentimes you make it fun, yes. And maybe that's why it is so popular with us. True, we do not know her face too, because since he has silicones, our eyes regular stop on her chest, but according to him, always know it absolutely.

This time we stopped on her chest in a really long time. Even so Sonali Kulkarni wearing a mask, leopard / tiger / bolly, but that her photographs of our complete lack of a nipple, we threw up nicely. Do not think that these are some our special censor (censor with us, more like the girls wearing nipple transparent). This is just an artistic intention, however, some of which we have a pretty bad dream. Girls without nipples, it's like no man ... no ... no brain! Just apocalypse!