Thursday, March 3, 2011

Katy Perry Shows Under Her Skirt

Singer Katy Perry is currently on a concert tour, alongside Russell Brand so she should not appear at the Oscars. Poor guy had to take their mother. But we do not regret that we did not see her there. Indeed we did a very nice satisfaction.

At their concerts shows things that ever again did not reveal too much. For all her efforts may have the shortest skirt existing and advanced stage, leading to the heart of fans. This is a musical performer to have the best communication with the audience. In practice it appears that you have paid a lot of money in the first line and most of the concert, you see the back of your star (who was sometimes at a concert by U2 in their circular podium, probably knows what we mean).

Often the layout but this is what the platform benefits. For example, when Katy Perry leans into some of his songs, and forgets to watch what is about to see her. Besides a lot of pictures in the gallery, you can also see the video, but we would like to point out that he probably shot a girl, because in the very best moment starts to shoot a band!