Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tisca Chopra Topless Blue Film

Who wants to hear a duet from Hyderabad Blues actress Tisca Chopra, she'll probably have to buy a movie ticket. The song "Hello, hello, they'd recorded, just like the soundtrack to the animated film, her scandalous sings the praises of their colleague and her upcoming Bollywood movie is already doing a great ad.

Her assistant said that last year called Tisca Chopra, to join him after they heard her sing at a charity concert in England. A spokeswoman for Bollywood Records, according to the AP confirmed that the duet is just a movie and you can not hear it on the radio.

According to speculation, the cooperation of Tisca Chopra and "collector" of dozens of awards to reflect on her upcoming movie have born This Way. A spokeswoman for Inters cope, which gives recordings Tisca Chopra, but she declined comment.

It is expected that Tisca Chopra will signs the item song from the Aamir Khan new movie Delhi Belly This Way 13thFebruary to transfer music Grammy.