Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shazahn Padamsee Topless Blue Film

Daughter of an ex Bollywood actress and recent famous celebrity Shazahn Padamsee Affairs with the handsome Playboy of Indian film industry, Ranbir Kapoor, they got caught by kissing in a private party and their hidden clip is named under a Shazahn Padamsee blue film (I am not sure it’s a true story, or just another scandal gossip on the Interne) she knew Ranbir from her studies at Mumbai University. Shazahn Padamsee and Ranbir appeared in the spectacular wedding, which is said to cost two million U.S. dollars, was held at the headquarters of the Courts in the town of Mumbai and was attended by number of Bollywood celebrity guests.

According to the local magazine the Shazahn Padamsee left the party earlier! The reason was more than simple - the couple was always arguing, which start a family. It is a good reason! But People magazine named the contrary, all this information is speculation that can not even give a damn truth!

Shazahn Padamsee has reportedly so heartbroken that she asked her parents to help her with the cancellation of marriage. The kind of family friend even regrets that he ever took Dubai and wants him to have been nothing! So it is always - first toys, and weeps! But that would be so petty quarrel reason for the relationship?