Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sonakshi Sinha is next katrina kaif whats you say?

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is apparently very miffed with newbie Sonakshi Sinha. No, it has nothing to do with the young star’s close proximity to ‘good friend’ and actor Salman Khan, who’s known to promote his new find big time. Instead, the actor is upset with reports that claim Sonakshi is set to fill in Katrina’s shoes, not only in films but also when it comes to brand endorsements.

According to the buzz, Sinha's camp is spreading word of her being the next Kaif, after Sinha replaced the star for a certain brand’s endorsement. And while insiders don’t deny that Sinha has indeed bagged the brand, they also point out that Kaif had ended her contract with the brand in question over a year ago.

“Rumours of Sonakshi replacing Katrina are rubbish. The fact is that the brand they are talking about was signed by Katrina in her initial days. The contract expired and Katrina frankly doesn’t care about who bags it now. But she is upset about Sonakshi going about town talking about replacing her,” revealed a source.

Those close to Kaif cannot fathom how an actress, who is only one film old can be called the next Kaif. “Katrina is leagues ahead of Sonakshi in terms of box office standing. But by pitching herself alongside Katrina, Sonakshi is trying to catapult herself in the number game,” said another source.

Interestingly, Sinha has also been paired with actor Akshay Kumar in two films, even though it is known that Akshay-Katrina have been a hit pair on screen. Point that out and sources insist that what needs to be considered here are Kaif's dates and availability.

“Besides Katrina has progressed to doing performance-oriented roles. There are certain roles she would have done as a newcomer, but may not want to do them at this stage in her career,” they explain.Apparently neither Kaif, nor Sinha have kept their opinions about each other a secret. We wonder if Salman Khan will play mediator between his leading ladies here.