Thursday, February 17, 2011

Irina Shayk with Cristiano Ronaldo

For some time speculated that footballer Ronaldo is gay and the speculation certainly does not deny this our favorite animated image:

But the truth is that "walks" with supermodel Irina Shayk, which has now become a major star of the famous swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. About this phenomenon, we have written in our previous article you learned that the model that gets on the cover of this special issue is no longer automatically count among the top models. It's actually something like you won a prize for the best model. Such a weight has this men's sports magazine in America and around the world.

The wonderful pictures you can see in the gallery, but we would like to return to why we write it together "walking" Ronaldo and Irina in quotation marks. Indeed, we recently watched the American show TMZ, which is actually something such as the Top Star magazine, just there to make fun of celebrities and were shot there, where Ronaldo goes to Irina home. Ronaldo went about ten meters in front of her, he talked at all, not even glancing at each other. Just then she held the door. Then he went farther into the apartment, while Irina went to arrange something at the reception of Cristiano Renaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk. Do not know about you, but we do not seem like the perfect partner relationship.