Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prithviraj to become Mohanlal's villian

The latest to hear from the Malayalam film industry world is that a new Malayalam film is in it's planning stage, which will have an interesting star cast in it. This new untitled Malayalam movie will feature our God's own Superstar Mohanlal and Bigstar Prithviraj in the lead.

The main attraction of this new film is that Prithviraj will appear in this film as a strong villian opposing the lead role enacted by our own lalettan. This new film will be scripted by Suresh Babu and is going to be directed by Padmakumar, and it seems both are fresh from their latest hit movie, Mohanlal starrer Shikkar.

It is also hearing that this new film will keep almost all the crew members who have worked for Shikkar in it and the writer as well as the director are waiting for the approval from the part of it's lead actors. Even if, both the stars approve this new film, the shooting for this new film will commence only after a while, since all of them related with this film are busy with their other projects.

Ever since this new film is being announced, every Malayalam film goers are in a happy mood and are highly expecting to see a film that will feature Prithviraj opposite to our Mohanlal. Waiting for this film to happen as early as possible...

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