Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bangladeshi Model Prova Scandal

Bangladeshi Model Prova scandal shows her really pretty and hot and everything. We write about it because they like to show in anything with low clamping fabric used. But sometimes we feel that it suffers from mild mental retardation. (Which, of course, the pictures do not matter.

And as a woman you do not want to take it, we have Bengali model and actress Prova.) Look at this picture. Model Sadia Jahan Prova has there panties as she was quite fit in the MMS video clip. So either we all wanted to show my butt a comma, or lacks the mental capacity to make you buy the correct size pants.

Her mother would be her next go to buy underwear, otherwise there is that Prova will be out there running around half naked with their scandals. And who then has to focus on the work they do.